17 very funny absurd tattoos

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The permanent tattoos in the body have gained popularity in the civilized world. While it is true that at times become a permanent mark very appreciated, many times already go out of fashion or no longer make sense to have them. However, they are not made with pen and they maybe need a touch up.



1. Falls and each time forever!..


Una pequeña lista.

2. Love to hate in one step……


amor pasado.

3. Monstrous transformation of “Playboy”and awful overlap.


solapamiento terrible.

4. The path of the beloved to ex-wife hated.


La evolución de las relaciones.

5. This is known as “The black tatto”


solapamiento "exitoso".

6. Lauren to Ralph Lauren.


Si ya no ama a Lauren ...

7.Goodbye my love, I prefer black boxes!!


Cuadrado negro.

8. History of a blond.


Aventuras extrañas rubia.

9. she had died by him????


amor pasado.

10.  “masterful Overlap”.


solapamiento magistral.

11. It seems that this financial situation has improved…


tatuaje de alta calidad.

12. My mother told me that the tattoo was for whole life…


Las partes adicionales.

13. And it became a butterfly!!!!


tatuaje divertido.

14. This is the most charming and successful correction of old tattoos.


error juvenil.

15. Cute child…


chico lindo.

16. Onion under the arm?! WTF!


tatuaje significativo.

17. He decided to change a little bit their hairstyle..


El tatuaje en negrita.