There are not the weaker sex: 17 photos of women who have been successful in achieving equality

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The equality in society is one of the most pressing problems in the modern world. In all corners of our planet the discrimination that exists manifests itself in various ways. One of them is the infringement of the rights of gender identity. However, we have chosen some images that show, at least in some countries, women are able to achieve the desired equity.


1. “Lets do it darling!”


"Rema, rema, querida!"

2. “No, I am tired of work! Do it yourself!”


El ama de casa moderna.

3.  “Women with a set of beers.!”


La mujer frágil, y una caja de cerveza.

4. “Work hard ladies!”


no hacer el trabajo de las mujeres.

5. “Change a rubber.”


Cambiar una rueda.

6. “worker counselor”


trabajador y consejero.

7. “Well, I’m tired love! “


Pares divertidos en el transporte público.

8. “ I sing! You work!”



9. “I need a cream to my hands!”


Divertido planteó tiro.

10. “strong girl!”


chica fuerte.

11. The decisive step!


El paso decisivo.

12. “In the fisheries.!”


En la pesca.

13. “¿A duck died for the husband and will be satisfied!”



14. “Let’s go girls, not stop, only a little to the left!”


accidente de tráfico.

15. Airborne looks much more attractive at morning!


Día VDV.

16. “Women self-sufficient.”


Autosuficiente mujer.

17.  Yes, men are not the same!


Caballero con un bolso.

18. “pregnant? Where? We do not see, we’re blind! “


ceguera temporal.